How to write an effective letter to a legislator

Your letter should address a single issue or topic.

  • Write on a postcard, or sign and send a form letter. 
  • Apologize for writing and taking their time.
  • Be rude, threatening or sarcastic.
  • Be vague.
  • Send copies to several legislators when your letter is addressed to one particular legislator. If you want to contact several legislators, write an individualized letter to each.

How to make an effective phone call to a legislator

Unless you are a personal friend of the legislator, it is not necessary to speak directly with him or her. You may leave a message about your concerns with the individual who answers the phone, or better yet, with the legislator's staff member who handles the particular issue in question.

Keep your call short and to the point. Give your full name and address. Don’t begin an argument. Simply express your opinions and state what action you want your legislator to take.

It is fine to seek assurances that the message will be given to your legislator, and request a response in writing.

How to use social media to communicate with your legislator

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, allows for direct communication between constituents and their elected officials.

This website tracks legislative caucuses, chambers, agencies, committees and offices that actively use these tools. Other elected officials you are interested in contacting or hearing more from can be found by searching for them by name on Twitter, Facebook or other social media tools.