What you need to know when turning 65

  • Your early retiree medical and dental coverage will end the first of the month in which you turn 65, as you will be eligible for Medicare. If you have a spouse under age 65 or child dependents under age 26, they will remain on the early retiree plan in the appropriate tier of coverage until they reach age 65 or 26.
  • Make sure you’ve made the appropriate arrangements to transition to Medicare. Enrolling in Medicare is not a quick process. If you haven’t started yet, contact your local Social Security Administration office to speak with a specialist. Alliant Energy has partnered with Via Benefits to assist you in enrolling in supplemental Medicare coverages. Typically, Via Benefits reaches out to retirees 6-9 months before turning 65. If you have not heard from them and you are approaching age 65, feel free to contact them at (866) 249-7784.
  • If your spouse is under 65, your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) will stay with Optum Financial (CYC) and will be put in your spouse’s name. If eligible, you will be set up with an HRA account through Via Benefits and given an allotment to help subsidize your premiums for your Medicare supplement coverage.
  • If you were the only one on the early retiree medical plan, when you turn 65, your HRA balance will transfer to Via Benefits 90 days following your retirement. If eligible, you will also begin to receive an annual Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) allotment through Via Benefits. See below for more information on the HRA.

What will happen to your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?

  • HRA funds will continue to roll over in your Optum Financial (CYC) account until there are no dependents left on the plan. Sixty days after the last individual is no longer covered under the plan, your HRA funds will roll over into your Via Benefits HRA account, if eligible; or they will be forfeited.
  • If you have single coverage, your HRA dollars will automatically transfer from Optum Financial CYC to Via Benefits 90 days after the first of the month in which you turn 65.
  • To receive reimbursement from your HRA, complete the Via Benefits Reimbursement Request Form. This form is personalized with your name and address, a new barcode for faster processing and more. To obtain your personalized copy, please visit my.viabenefits.com/alliantenergy  or call Via Benefits at (866) 249-7784.

Via Benefits 2023 Enrollment Guide.pdf

Life insurance

If you have questions about life insurance policies, please fill out the Contact Us form. Information will be mailed to you. There will not be a follow-up phone call.