The Alliant Energy Foundation has designed its Matching Gifts program to meet the diverse interests of all its eligible participants.

The Foundation matches dollar for dollar each qualifying donation of $50 or more, up to $3,500 per year, to any approved organization.

If you have questions regarding the Matching Gifts program, please contact the Foundation at 1-866-769-3779.

How it works

The Alliant Energy Foundation matches financial contributions made by employees of Alliant Energy and its subsidiaries, retirees of Alliant Energy and its predecessor companies, and members of the corporate Board of Directors.

Each direct gift of $50 or more will be matched dollar for dollar. The maximum amount per qualifying donor per calendar year is $3,500.

The date you designate for your gift on is the date used to account for your gifts within a calendar year. For example, if you make a donation on January 1, 2017, or December 31, 2017, it will be applied to your 2017 limit. Your donation can be made with a check, credit card or the transfer of personal securities. If you’re transferring securities to an organization, you must provide us with documentation indicating the date, the amount of shares and the value of the shares on the date of your transfer.

Depending on the date when the request is received and verified, the Alliant Energy Foundation check to the Matching Gift recipient will be paid on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions regarding the Matching Gifts Program, please contact Leah Rodenberg at (319) 786-4852 or


In order to be matched, each gift must be made to a charitable organization holding a current Section 501(c)(3) designation letter from the Internal Revenue Service and located in Iowa, Wisconsin or Minnesota. However, we also will match a donation to a college or university located outside of these states if the employee or retiree graduated from the institution.

A gift made in support of a library, museum, zoo, etc., which is operated by a governmental entity would also qualify for a matching gift.

Some examples of eligible organizations include:

  • Public radio and television
  • Public and private schools, Kindergarten-12th grade
  • Colleges and universities, both private and public
  • Community and technical colleges
  • Cultural arts organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Hospice programs and hospitals
  • Historic sites and museums

Your gift must qualify as fully deductible for income tax purposes. Gifts may be made to one or more eligible institutions or organizations within the calendar year but they must be paid, not merely pledged.

Some examples of gifts that are NOT eligible for matching funds include:

  • Gifts made to religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, temples and other houses of worship, or to any organization whose main purpose is to promote a specific faith, creed or religion and/or direct resources to advocate for a specific ideology
  • Gifts that support political parties or candidates, advocacy programs, or religious, athletic, social or fraternal organizations
  • In-kind donations (the value of personal services or donated materials, goods, etc.)
  • Contributions to intermediary (“third party”) funding groups whose sole purpose is to raise money to distribute to other charities
  • Donations to United Way, which is already supported by the Alliant Energy family of companies and the Alliant Energy Foundation as a result of annual employee-giving campaigns

These are not exhaustive lists of eligible gifts or program limitations. If you have questions about a potential gift, please review our Frequently Asked Questions and/or contact Leah Rodenberg at or (319) 786-4852 before making your contribution.

To assure the Foundation is in compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors has determined that gifts given in support of athletic programs at colleges and universities will be matched at 80% of the amount of the contribution.

The Board of Directors of the Alliant Energy Foundation is the final authority and reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any match.

How to apply

Participating in the Alliant Energy Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program is easy and quick. We accept match requests through Paper forms are not accepted.

To make an online Matching Gift request:

  • Visit and log in to the site. If it is your first time using this site, you will need to click on the Create Your Password link at the bottom of the page
  • Click on “Matching Gifts”
  • Select whether your gift was made to a Higher Education Institution, or if the gift was given to another nonprofit organization
  • Search for the organization you donated to, or use your giving summary to quickly find an organization you have given to in the past
  • If your organization is not listed, you may add it. Additional information, including the organization tax ID, a contact person and email address will be needed to add a new organization

Afterwards, you’ll receive an email notification of your gift request. We will reach out to the organization to verify your contribution. Matching gift payments to organizations are processed monthly and you’ll be notified when the match has been finalized. To check the status of a matching gift request, log in to at any time and go to the Giving Summary tab.

NOTE: If you need assistance with, please contact Cybergrants Customer Support by calling 1-844-381-1103 or emailing