Paying your premiums for health and other benefits

If you use our health benefits for eligible retirees under age 65, you have multiple ways to pay your benefit premiums: Send in a check, Pay Now (one-time payment) and Automatic direct debit.

To mail your payment

Make your check payable to Alliant Energy. Put your check or money order and the bottom portion of your bill in the window envelope included in your paper bill. Make sure the address (shown below) shows through the window. If you use your own envelope, use this address:

Alliant Energy
PO BOX 3729
CAROL STREAM, IL 60132-3729

Important note: Do not send your payment to the Alliant Energy utility address. It is a difficult process to locate and forward your payment to the Alliant Energy Benefits Service Center. This could result in a late insurance payment and possible termination of your health coverage.

To pay online

Go to the Alliant Energy Benefits Service Center website to set up an automatic direct debit. Your monthly bill amount will deduct automatically from the bank account you designate. Go to and click the “Pay for Benefits Automatically” button to set up payments.

Important note: Do not use your bank’s bill paying service to pay your premium. Your payment will end up going to Alliant Energy utility. It is a difficult process to locate and forward your payment to the Alliant Energy Benefits Service Center. This could result in a late insurance payment and possible termination of your health coverage.

If you have questions, please call our Benefits Service Center at 1-866-303-1891 or visit their website,

2023 Medical Premiums

As an Alliant Energy Employee with 10 years of service after age 45, you are eligible for Alliant Energy Early Retiree Medical Benefits. Eligible members will pay one of the rate categories listed in the Medical Rate Chart below: In Contract, Out of Contract or Total monthly cost.*

See, also, this card that explains 2023 eligibility and premiums..pdf

How do I know if I am “in contract” or “out of contract”?

In contract rates apply if the retiree meets the requirements outlined in the In contract chart below for their specific group.

Out of contract rates apply for the following:

  • Non-bargaining retirees hired prior to 12/25/2005
  • Retirees eligible for the medical subsidy who retired prior to the current bargaining unit contract.
  • Retirees that are part of a union group not listed in the in contract chart

Total Monthly Cost (unsubsidized) rates apply to:

  • Non-bargaining employees hired after 12/25/2005
  • Bargaining unit employees with a hire date on or after the date listed in the “1) Hired prior to” column of the in contract chart below
$1,140.83 $162.14 $569.83
Employee plus one
$2,281.64 $368.50 $1,139.64




2023 Dental and Vision insurance

You and/or your spouse and dependents are eligible for dental and vision insurance until age 65. Dental insurance is administered through Delta Dental. Vision insurance is administered through VSP.

Eligible retirees will pay the retiree monthly cost in the dental and vision plan rate charts below.

Dental Plan design and cost share of rates differ for groups based on contractually agreed upon components. You can access your specific plan design online at or by calling Delta Dental Customer Service at 800-236-3712.

Please note: Total Monthly Cost will apply if you have Access Only early retiree coverage (not eligible for company subsidy).

Name of Group at Retirement 2023 Total Monthly Cost 2023 Retiree Monthly Cost
Single $47.05  $11.76
Retiree + Spouse $94.08 $23.52
Retiree + Child(ren) $85.13 $21.28
Family $138.21 $34.55
Alliant Energy vision plan rates – retirees under 65 (all groups)    
Single   $7.86   $1.96
Employee Plus One   $14.30 $3.57
Family $21.88 $5.47

How to pay your premium

You will receive a monthly invoice from the Alliant Energy Benefits Service Center. You can pay by check, make payments online or set up an automatic payment. Go to or call the Benefits Service Center at 1-866-303-1891.

COVID-19: Health resources for retirees on our health plan

If you are a retiree who is under 65 and on our health plan, we’ve provided resources you can use anytime.

Free testing for coronavirus (COVID-19):

We’ve worked with our providers so that testing for COVID-19 is covered as a preventive procedure at no cost to anyone covered by the Alliant Energy health plan.

If there is a cost associated with the test, you or any member of your family covered under the plan can show your Anthem card. The provider will submit the claim to Anthem and the testing will be covered at 100%.

LiveHealth Online

This telemedicine program allows you to visit a doctor face-to-face without ever leaving your home.

You meet the doctor online on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. 

This lessens the potential of being exposed to colds, flu and COVID-19, that might be lingering in a waiting room. 

It also provides access to therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists if you are experiencing behavioral health-related issues. 

There are fees for these services. Go to to get started.

Opting out of the medical plan

There is a one-time opt-out option for the medical plan. To opt out of the medical plan, contact the HR Service Center at (608) 458-8458.

Life insurance

If you have questions about life insurance policies, please fill out the Contact Us form. Information will be mailed to you. There will not be a follow-up phone call.