Our mission is “to deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly.”

Four principles make up our company vision and help us meet evolving customer needs in an ever-changing world.

  • Innovative customer solutions
  • Advancing clean energy
  • Strengthening our communities
  • Building a smarter, stronger power grid

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How will we achieve our vision?

Through new strategies, new business initiatives and new thinking. We operate in an environment that is heavily influenced by legislative and regulatory decisions.

In order to advocate for policies that support our vision and meet customer needs, we must have high-quality relationships with public officials and educate them on the issues that matter to Alliant Energy and our industry.

How can you help?

By making your voice heard on issues that impact our industry!

  • Register to vote.
  • Understand the issues affecting our industry and discuss them with your friends and neighbors.
  • Learn more about the political process, including how a bill becomes a law.
  • Know who represents you at the federal and state levels and where they stand on the issues.
  • Visit, send a letter, call or email your elected officials.

Contacting your legislators

Communicating with elected officials is important, especially with those who represent you directly.

In addition to your state senator and assemblyperson, every American has one U.S. representative and two U.S. senators who represent them.

Below are links to help you find your federal and state legislators.

House Senate
Assembly Senate
U.S. Congress
House Senate


Tips for communicating with your legislators

What are some current issues our company is advocating on?