Announcement: New vendor to replace YSA

We are replacing Your Spending Account (YSA) with a new vendor in 2020. We’ve listened to your concerns about YSA and made it a priority to find and choose a new administrator. Our new vendor also offers more services and administrative support that align with our strategy – which allows us to think beyond and be bold.

The name of the new vendor and timing, along with the list of what’s changing (and what isn’t), will be communicated in the coming weeks.

To provide a smooth transition to the new vendor, we’re already engaged with experts in project and change management. We created a focus group in support of this project, and they will provide input as we go through the transition.

Please continue to use your YSA as usual to pay for, or be reimbursed for, health, dependent care and parking charges. Continue to submit claims and documents to support claims when requested.

2019 Premiums

plan type 2019 total monthly cost 2019 in contract* monthly retiree cost 2019 out of contract* monthly retiree cost
   $891.11 $148.45 $320.11
Employee plus one
$1,782.21 $356.29 $640.21
$2708.97 $552.25 $972.97

*How do I know if I am “in contract” or “out of contract”?

Out of contract rates apply to:

  1. Non-bargaining retirees hired prior to 12/25/2005. If you were hired on or after 12/25/2005, you have access-only coverage at full premium cost.
  2. Union retirees eligible for retiree medical subsidy outside the bargaining unit contract.
  3. Union retirees whose group is not listed in the “in contract” chart below.

In contract rates apply if you meet BOTH hire date and retirement date requirements outlined in the chart below. (Click "In-Contract Rate Requirements.")

NOTE: If your status changes from “in contract” to “out of contract” due to a new union contract, your premiums will not change until January 1 of the following year.


YSA resources

Some important resources for our retirees in the Your Spending Account (YSA) program:

Screenshot of YSA Information Videos link

How to pay your premium

If you do not have a pension or chose a lump-sum payout for your pension, you will receive coupons from the Benefits Service Center. You can pay your premiums with the coupons or set up automatic withdrawal from your checking account.

If you are receiving a monthly pension payment, your monthly premium will be withdrawn from your pension payment.

Dental and vision insurance

You and/or your spouse and dependents are eligible for dental and vision insurance until age 65. Dental insurance is administered through Delta Dental. Vision insurance is included in the medical plan through Anthem.

Eligible retirees will pay the Retiree Monthly Cost in the Dental Plan Rate chart below under the Bargaining or Non-Bargaining group that you were affiliated with when you retired. If your union group is not identified in the Dental Rate chart, the Non-Bargaining cost will apply.

Dental Plan design and cost share of rates differ for groups based on contractually agreed upon components. You can access your specific plan design online at or by calling Delta Dental Customer Service at 800-236-3712.

Please Note: Total Monthly Cost will apply if you have Access Only early retiree coverage (not eligible for company subsidy).

Name of Group at Retirement 2019 Total Monthly Cost 2019 Retiree Monthly Cost
Dental WPL Local 965
Single   $42.70  $12.81
Employee Plus One   $84.79 $25.44
Family $127.53 $38.26
Dental IPL Locals 204 DBQ & Mason City AND Local 949     
Single   $33.70   $8.43
Employee Plus One   $65.92 $16.48
Family $114.96 $28.74
Dental IPL Local 204 Large Group    
Single   $33.70   $8.43
Employee Plus One   $65.90 $16.48
Family $114.56 $28.64
Retiree Dental Plan - Non Bargaining    
Single   $43.66 $10.92
Employee Plus One   $87.32 $21.83
Family $128.27 $32.07

Health Advocate benefit

Health Advocate is a benefit available to you. Health Advocate can help you navigate the complex healthcare system. Use Health Advocate to:

  • Find a doctor in-network
  • Review costs for procedures
  • Aid in the claim appeals process
  • And much more!

Opting out of the medical plan

There is a one-time opt-out option for the medical plan. To opt out of the medical plan, contact the HR Service Center at (608) 458-8458.

Life insurance

If you have questions about life insurance policies, please fill out the Contact Us form. Information will be mailed to you. There will not be a follow-up phone call.