Iowa Southern moon landing ad

A look back

Lunar stroll half a century ago

Fifty years ago, on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission launched, transporting the first two humans destined to walk on the moon. Four days later, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Eagle on the moon’s surface, their accomplishment captured the imaginations of people around the world!

Six hours after they’d landed, in a televised segment beamed back to Earth, Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to step onto the surface of the moon.

Congratulatory messages immediately streamed in from all over the world, including this example from the employees of one of our predecessor companies, Iowa Southern Utilities Company.

The overtly masculine framing of the language in this ad was common for the time, but the actual composition of the technical team who made this mission possible was much more diverse.
Stock ad from Wisconsin Power Light and Heat Co.

A look back

In 1923, if you had a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket looking for a home, you could have done worse than invest in the preferred capital stock of Wisconsin Power, Light & Heat Co.

Preferred stock is a form of company ownership, just like common stock, but it comes with no voting rights. In a sense, preferred stock is similar to a bond because investors receive a fixed dividend in perpetuity, 7% in this case.

Plus, this issue was exempt from all taxation in Wisconsin, and the dividend payments were exempt from the federal income tax.

For reference, $100 per share in 1923 translates to about $1,486 today. So, this investment would have been out of reach for quite a few citizens at the time.

Also, because this was pre-1929, securities laws were still a bit lax.

It may be hard to decipher this part, but the handbill states, “This stock may be purchased from any employee of this Company or from the employees of the following affiliated Companies.

  • Wisconsin River Power Company
  • Mineral Point Public Service Company
  • Janesville Electric Company
  • Eastern Wisconsin Electric Company
  • Southern Wisconsin Power Company”

Financial regulations were definitely a lot looser in 1923 than they are today.

Photo of a small, old substation

A look back

How old is old?

This photo was one of dozens of vintage photographs that appeared in the WP&L 60th anniversary edition of the company’s employee magazine. The intro to the article posed the question, “How old is old?”

As you might expect, the article provided a lot of different answers to the question. Plus, you could almost certainly come up with a few more of your own alternatives. However you define “old,” though, this photo definitely shows something befitting the adjective.

The caption describes it as “a small rural substation near Prairie du Sac, 1923.” It’s fascinating to consider how far electric distribution has come since then.

The story and image appeared in the Spring 1984 edition of Concepts, the magazine for employees of Wisconsin Power and Light Company.

Denman Kramer shows his poem to Gov. Scott Walker

Retiree achieves two 100-year goals

Denman Kramer, who passed away on February 14, was a well-known person in the Sauk Prairie, Wis. area and a longtime employee at the Prairie du Sac Dam. In fact, it's said he knew more about the dam than anybody. His goal as he aged was to make it to the 100th anniversary of the dam and then to live until 100 himself. He accomplished both goals.

For the 75th anniversary of the Prairie du Sac Dam, Denman wrote a poem about its history. .pdf

When Denman turned 100 last December, the Star News ran a nice article about him. And after his passing, his former neighbor wrote a touching tribute that was published in the Star News.

Photo caption: Denman shows his poem to Gov. Scott Walker at the 100th anniversary of the Prairie du Sac Dam.

Retiree's 45-year career memorialized in the media

Dana Fister, who spent 45 years serving the Riceville and Elma, Iowa, areas recently retired. His career and observations were nicely captured in an article by the Riceville Recorder. You can read the article by clicking the link below. (Courtesy: Riceville Recorder)

"Fister ends 45-year career with Alliant Energy".pdf

Retiree receives Wayne G. Russell award

Paul Proctor, an Alliant Energy retiree, was awarded the Wayne G. Russell award in November 2018. The award is presented annually to a person or organization that has assisted Wisconsin agriculture adopt new electric and or farm equipment technologies for the betterment of the agricultural industry. Paul accepted the award at the sectional meeting of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The award is given in memory of Wayne G. Russell, who was an employee of Wisconsin Power and Light and helped develop Alliant Energy’s farm service programs.

During his 30-year career with Alliant Energy, Paul worked for the Ag Services team. He continues his work with agriculture by helping families show and judging pigs across the state.

Wayne G Russell award recipient Paul Proctor

Paul Proctor (center) with Alliant Energy Lead Engineer Bob Fick (left) and Bob Russell (son of Wayne G. Russel, right)

Kampling announces intent to retire

Alliant Energy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Patricia L. Kampling announced her intent to retire from the company effective July 1, 2019. The Board of Directors appointed Alliant Energy President and Chief Operating Officer John O. Larsen to succeed Kampling.

For more information, read the full article on the Alliant Energy News Blog.

2019 Retiree Reunions announced!

Visit the Retiree Reunions page for details and RSVP information.

Early Retiree Medical plan

Please note that if you are participating in Alliant Energy’s Early Retiree Medical plan in 2019, your January HRA contribution has been deposited into your account with YSA. These funds are not an additional contribution. They were funded early. Your next scheduled contribution is July 1, 2019. 

Reminder on 2018 tax information for pension

The process for issuing Form 1099 to report annual pension income has not changed.

  • These forms must be “postmarked” by January 31, 2019 – and will be sent to your current address of record at Wells Fargo Bank.
  • Since that date is the same date required for many financial institutions providing earnings statements, you can imagine the Post Office will have an abundance of mail to transmit/deliver. The form is not required to be “received “ at that date, simply post-marked.

Please do not call Wells Fargo (nor Alliant Energy) for a duplicate Form 1099 before February 15 – they will not issue duplicate documents prior to that date. If your form has not been received after that date, you should contact Wells Fargo directly at (877) 877-1207 to request the duplicate tax document. Note that duplicate tax forms cannot be redirected to an alternate address – new nor a temporary “winter” location.

Consequently if you have moved during 2018, to avoid complications with the transmission of this financial data, we strongly suggest you take a moment to review your address NOW. Many retirees currently receive a Wells Fargo monthly remittance which will show your current address. If you have moved but do not receive monthly remittance forms; you can contact Wells Fargo at the number provided above.

Please be aware Wells Fargo will not update address information over the phone. You can find their Change of Address form.pdf on the Benefits and Pension forms page. That form does require you to also submit proof of your identity.

If you are an Alliant Energy shareowner, many of the above deadlines will be identical for their tax reporting as well. Please check the Shareowner Services section of the retiree website for applicable processes.

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