Reminder on 2018 tax information for pension

The process for issuing Form 1099 to report annual pension income has not changed.

  • These forms must be “postmarked” by January 31, 2019 – and will be sent to your current address of record at Wells Fargo Bank.
  • Since that date is the same date required for many financial institutions providing earnings statements, you can imagine the Post Office will have an abundance of mail to transmit/deliver. The form is not required to be “received “ at that date, simply post-marked.

Please do not call Wells Fargo (nor Alliant Energy) for a duplicate Form 1099 before February 15 – they will not issue duplicate documents prior to that date. If your form has not been received after that date, you should contact Wells Fargo directly at (877) 877-1207 to request the duplicate tax document. Note that duplicate tax forms cannot be redirected to an alternate address – new nor a temporary “winter” location.

Consequently if you have moved during 2018, to avoid complications with the transmission of this financial data, we strongly suggest you take a moment to review your address NOW. Many retirees currently receive a Wells Fargo monthly remittance which will show your current address. If you have moved but do not receive monthly remittance forms; you can contact Wells Fargo at the number provided above.

Please be aware Wells Fargo will not update address information over the phone. You can find their Change of Address form.pdf on the Benefits and Pension forms page. That form does require you to also submit proof of your identity.

If you are an Alliant Energy shareowner, many of the above deadlines will be identical for their tax reporting as well. Please check the Shareowner Services section of the retiree website for applicable processes.

YSA resources

Some important resources for our retirees in the Your Spending Account (YSA) program:

Screenshot of YSA Information Videos link

OneExchange has changed its name to Via Benefits®

frequently asked questions document.pdf is available with more information on this update.

The new website is live!

The new Alliant Energy Retirees website was designed with you in mind. On the new site you can enjoy:

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