Purchase discounted, quality prescription eyewear that meets safety guidelines. This program is facilitated by Essilor Laboratories.

Who is eligible?

Retirees of Alliant Energy, their spouses and families.

How do I find a participating eyecare provider?

  • You can use this list to find participating providers in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • For all other locations, you can use the Provider Locator on Essilor’s website.

What do I need to bring with me to the eyecare provider?

  • Your current prescription (less than two years old)
  • The completed Eyewear Order Form .pdf and the Credit Card Charge Authorization Form (page 2 of the Eyewear Order Form PDF)

The Credit Card Charge Authorization Form must be faxed to the lab along with the order form. The order cannot be processed without this information. Credit card information is not retained after it is processed.

What does the eyewear cost?

The Eyewear Order Form .pdf includes a list of eyewear options and costs.

There is a $30 dispensing fee.

Your eyecare provider may collect exam fees from the retiree/family member and/or insurance, if applicable.

How will the eyewear be ordered and shipped?

Your eyecare provider will order the eyewear and receive the completed product. You may make pickup arrangements with the provider.


Alliant Energy and Essilor strongly recommend the use of polycarbonate lenses for the best protection.

Standard plastic and glass lenses are "Basic Impact Rated" protection only and do not meet the "High Impact Rated" requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010.

Work with your eyecare provider to properly fit the eyewear.